Hardware desk

The hardware desk is caller unit, which is equipped with buttons and a display. It has got an ergonomical design because of the daily usage and it's overlay is made out of antistatic material. The menu, which can be found on the caller unit is simple and it's easy to understand. The clerk can see on the LCD display of the desk the number of the actual expectants, and after a successful call (recall) the client can be forwarded or can be placed on the expectants list or the actual case can be closed (ended). The standard type has got 6 menu-driven buttons. In the pro version to the 6 menu-driven buttons are added 10 numerical buttons with which we can add in different codes.

  • Antistatic cover
  • Elegant design
  • Ergonomical
  • 2x16 character LCD display
  • Measures:
    • Height: 10 mm
    • Width: 95 mm
    • Depth: 90 mm
    • Weight: 0,1 kg

Software desk

We can reach much more services with the software desk like with the hardvare version.

Some examples:

  • The client's data sheet can be displayed
  • Continuous clerk's statistics
  • Extended forwarding opportunity
  • The clerk may take up a comment to the case

The software can be execute on a PC, which is in the TCP/IP network of the user. It hasn't got to be installed. It's usage is very advantageous, because it doesn't take any place from the desk of the clerk and it can be replaced or minimized on the PC screen.