Touchscreen ticket dispenser

The most intelligent "member" of the system! With the help of the touchscreen we can reach all of the services which are offered by it. The ticket dispenser contains the latest Pentium PC which is needed to the operation of the system. The system can be handled by the client with the help of a touchscreen which is mounted on a 17" LCD monitor. The of the system, which is equipped with the most modern technology, can be easily acquired for anybody. The elegant sketching reflects on every component of the system! To make allowance for our clients needs we are ready to realize other individual forms too!

  • 17" or 19" touchscreen TFT-LCD monitor
  • Built-in mini ITX
  • 512 Mbyte RAM
  • 80 Gbyte HDD
  • 1000-3000 MHz processor
  • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
  • 80 mm high-speed heatprinter equipped with cutter
  • OS: Microsoft Millennium 2000, XP 2000, Vista
  • Database and configurational manager on the ticket dispenser: XAMPP 1.6.1
  • Measures:
    • Height: 1510 mm
    • Width: 500 mm
    • Depth: 130 mm
    • Weight: 30 kg
    • Width of sole: 280 mm
    • Depth of sole: 600 mm

Sans PC push-button ticket dispenser

This product represents a group of ticket dispensers which is invented especially for handling simpler cases. This system is useful if you want to handle simple cases and the installation of a big system (which can handle difficult cases) is unnecessary. With it's simplified operating functions this system serves for the annulment of the jostling and for the determination of the ranking between the clients. Thats why we recommend these systems in such institutes in which there is a big client turnover near simpler cases.

  • Built-in microcontroller
  • Inner power supply unit
  • Maximum 10 buttons
  • Easy to reload the printpaper
  • 60 mm high-speed heatprinter equipped with cutter
  • Measures:
    • Height: 1150 mm
    • Width: 340 mm
    • Depth: 85 mm
    • Weight: 18 kg
    • Width of sole: 200 mm
    • Depth of sole: 230 mm